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I've moved to Wordpress!
Thursday, December 29, 2011 ► 4:58 PM
Hello all!!!

I've moved! Yes, I've moved to Wordpress. Gonna say goodbye to Blogger. I've been with Blogger for many years... Since i was in Secondary school. Haha. Moving to Wordpress because i can lock my posts up if i want that post to be private. So... Yupp! Please kindly relink me everyone!!


Leave a comment if you've been there! :D
The rain caused me to fall sick.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 ► 4:42 PM

The rain has been raining nonstop for 2days and I caught the flu bug. Was too cold this morning while i was on my way to work then when i reach office i started sneezing and blowing my nose all the way till now. I popped in 2 panadol flu pills just now and the sneezing stopped. But i still feel sicky! :( Have to recover asap because weekends is coming! My Christmas planssss cannot be ruined! Had an awesome busy weekend last week. Dinner with Gladys & Teri at MadForGarlic was fabulous because the food didn't disappoint us. We ordered Salad, Garlic Bread, Pizza & a Pasta to share within the 3 of us. The pasta is sexxxxxx!! Damn good! Its italian food but it smells like the kopitiam's zichar dish and it taste like chinese food! The seafood is very fresh & nice. Especially the squids & sotongs very chewy. Haha.

Double Garlic Pasta

The girls gave me a belated birthday surprise! I totally didn't have any thoughts that they would be celebrating it for me. Haha. Very sweet of dem because they knew i wanted the Rosewater perfume sometime ago and they bought it for me as my bday gift! xD Love handmade cards! Thankyou girls!

Then it was gift exchange time! Teri got my gift. Gladys got Teri's gift and i got Gladys's gift.



Went to have RedMango after that but I'm too full and i couldn't finish the big medium cup. Quite a waste but its okay cause at least i've tasted it. LOL. They are the most sweet girls among all of my friends because they never fail to make me handmade cards on my birthdays eversince i know them! ^^ ♥♥

Meet Pongy to go for brunch & shopping on Saturday! We were very sway because there's train disruption that day and we had to take the long route to town! Took the North-East Line and it takes about 1hr + while usually it would only just takes us 40mins to get there. =.= . Drop that aside, brunch was great! We had Strictly Pancakes and its our first time there at the place. Couldn't even finish the pancakes because i think we're too starved before that and we ate too fast. Hahaha.



Great shopping day with my twinnie though we're quite pek chake because of the crowded bugis. Nevertheless, we bought alot of things at super good prices. Spent not more than $120 for 6-7items! :D We learned to spend out money wisely when we grow older. Hahaha. I still remember i think 3yrs ago we anyhow spend buy alot of things some never even touch before one. Haha. Speaking of that, Pongy reminded me that we never fail to shop for CNY clothes together eversince Secondary school days. We always shop together every year when CNY is arriving! ♥♥

Usual driving on Sunday morning, forgot how to u-turn and kanna niao by my gangster instructor. Safety wise improved, keep checking here & there but steering wise still lousy. Not stable. :( I will zai jie zai li! Ftwwww~~ Bought longjohnsilver's breakfast set back home for myself & Alson. Not so bad the breakfast. Very filling. Haha. They're having a promotion so i bought it for breakfast. Hees. Around late noon, Alson went back to his house and i went town to meet the Lalee's for dinner & gift exchange! We went playnation to play! My first time there too. Noob i know. Haha. The xbox kinect is so fun!!!!! Especially the dancing game! We all dance until sweat can. LOL. And i have muscle aches till today still not gone yet. This game is good for burning fats! :P Ying haven't upload the photos we took that day so i have to get the old ones to post up first. Haha.


Mani mani komawo Ying & Sf Unnie for the bday gift~

By YING~ She did more than 10 of these individually for the Lalees~ So sweet of her!

This YING also cheeky one. That time i wanted to get some clothes from gmarket so i asked her if she's interested anot so we can buy together but she told me she $ no enough so cannot buy but actually she bought and to give me as my birthday present! She & Sf unnie shared the clothes tgt. So sweet of her la! Naughty but i like. Hees. ♥♥

Felt so loved over the weekends and seriously i love all the people that loves me. Never been this happy before in my life because i am happy with my life now and is satisfied. I have an awesome boyfriend whom treats me well & love me, my family - Mummy, cousins that are always here for me, friends that are here for me too when i need someone to talk to, when i need help. I couldn't ask for more~ Everyone is my Santa Claus! All of you got me what i want, and slashes of all the wants on my wishlist. Most importantly is the love, care & concern from all of you but not those gifts. You guys know who you are i need not mention! :) Love you people and you all will never be forgotten! ♥♥

Got inspired by Jiejie's blog because i saw her post on 蔡康永's '別用[知足]敷衍自己 then got quite feelings also so decided to blog these feelings out. Haha. Below is what he wrote on his blog.

知足是美德吗? 要看你的知足是哪一种。
如果你感到知足以后,对生活更有力气, 那你的知足就是积极的。

如果你说你很知足, 说完后, 却对生活越来越没劲, 那你的知足就是消极的, 这种知足最好免了。

乔布斯说的 「保持渴望 stay hungry」, 就是要避开这种消极的知足, 别用这套敷衍自己。


I find it so true. I used to be in the 消極知足 category but after the weekends its really 知足 deep down from the heart. Such a meaningful short paragraph by him. So you guys, do you really is 知足? Think about it, makes you reflect on yourself and make changes! :)

Alright, thats all for today. Gonna go home on time and have my pumpkin porridge for dinner! :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 ► 4:54 PM
I'm officially 22 now!

Wow~ Thanks all for the birthday wishes on facebook, twitter, texts & whatsapp! Cake surprises, handmade card, gifts~ Greatly appreciated! I like the feeling of replying to all the happy birthdays until my eyes become blur & fingers tired. Hehe. Every wish is an extra blessing! Makes me live longer i guess? Haha. I enjoyed my day even though its a very simple one. The silly boyfriend called me 5mins before midnight and while i was applying the nail polish on my toe. So i thought he wanted to sing me happy bday song during 12am. Then suddenly he sang the Happy birthday song and i heard his voice outside my room window!! I thought i heard wrongly then he pushed open my windows and i saw him holding a cake with candles that are still burning on it! I went like "Wth??? Why are you here??!!!" for like 3 times. LOL. Then i quickly stopped what I'm doing and went to open my door to let him in. Made wishes then blow the candles. Super surprised please! Cannot walk properly still want travel all the way to my place to surprise me. Very touched na really..

He presented 3 gifts to me! First a birthday card, with a self drawn Spongebob & Patrick in it! Plus heartfelt words of course. Hees. Super cute! He draw until damn alike! Then he passed me a cute lil mouse plushie i turned around i saw my nickname on it! He cross stitched the name all by himself! Wow~~ 一個大男人 do this for me. How can i not love him??!!!!!! xD Next he passed me a Tiff&Co paper bag. I said "Har? Again?" Cause he gave me a necklace during this year's Valentine's day already. Before i opened it up i guess that it was a bracelet, and it really is! Hees. The charm is matchy to my necklace somemore. Haha.



Cute hor the mouse. He cross stitched my nickname on it all by himself!!!! xD

So cute right!!! xD

The next morning I went out with mummy, then i went to Alson's place. Took a nap before we head out to town for early dinner at Paradise Dynasty + movie. Got the 1for1 Toffeenut Frap at Paragon and i found my red star tumblr!! There's only 3 left on the shelf!! Thankgod man~ Most places went OOS already. So lucky to still have leftovers there. Hees. Brought the drinks into the theatre to drink. We watched 50/50 btw. :D After the movie we walked abit in Cotton On & bf paid for the top that i wanted. Hurhurr~

Cabbed back to my place and the cab driver is seriously damn scary! He drove like a racer lor! Keep use the "boost" thing then the car goes "vroooooooommmm~" like this can! Then he's already at the 1st lane and keep tailgate ppl!! I prayed all the way till we alight safety from the cab lor. Seriously they need to be more strict on hiring process of the cab drivers. =.=

Naughtiest, sainai-est & kuku-est dog. Hees.

My lovely friends~


Finally Alson got to stayover at my place after a month plus, and eat my mummy's cooking! Haha. Meeting Ying, Sf Unnie & HonGie for dinner later at IMM~ Hees. Tts raining so heavily now~ I hope it gets smaller soon~ I dun wanna get wet! My first Christmas Gift Exchange this Friday with Gladys & Teri! Weeeee~ Then coming Sunday is with my dance friends. & we're going Play Nation! Its going to be my first time there! Never been there before! Hahaha. Noob me. Alright, thats all for today.


Happy Birthday to all the 14th December babies!!

Picture of the day:
Thankyou BB♥ for the lil surprise and the gifts, etc. Your lil detailed actions moved me, and i believe that you're real. I♥U ATKW! ^^
Long weekends!
Friday, December 9, 2011 ► 5:09 PM

Friday f.i.n.a.l.l.y! Hahaha. Gonna be a long weekend for me and will be back to work on Tuesday. Had aixin breakfast from mummy this morning and i received 2 pressies from Pongy & Minz! I like both of the pressies alot! It is useful for my use kind. Hees. Loves it~ And planned to have madforgarlic & strictly pancakes already too! Yeah! Happy. Good food i'm coming! Wanna go eat those food at the restaurants that i've nv tried before. :D Shopping this week and next for CNY clothes, xmas gifts~ Hurhurr~ This is the season to be jolly~ Fa la la la la~ La la la la~ Keke.

I wonder how is Alson's PT session today.. Thinking of what the therapist will ask him to do today. I'm imagining him walking with crutches now. Hahaha. Hope all is good~ ^^ Can't wait to see Jessly, Apple & Karmen later. Long time no meetup alr. Its shopping time girls!! xD

Finally tomorrow i will spend my whole day with Alson. Long time din spend the WHOLE day tgt already. Recently i have driving/dance lessons i don't really spend the whole day with him. Its like not enough. Shall spend some wuality time tgt tmr. Hees. He's been praising me recently dunno kanna what virus. LOL! Can't wait till tonight! I shall get home after my hangout with the girls, get changed and off i go to his crib. Hees. 3 more days to my day! xD

6 more days to turn 22.
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 ► 5:08 PM

6 more days and i'll turn 22!!! :O . Time files.. Last year, during this period of time i'm still schooling, waiting for my 21st birthday big surprise.. The feeling of anticipating your 21st birthday party is just so great! Haha. But now no more 21 in 6days time liao.. :( Sad. So wish to stay forever21. Had my schedule planned for my day only in the morning and that is to go ChongPang with mummy. She wanna buy clothes and shoes for me. Weeee~ For CNY lah.. Hahahah. xD Not really in Christmas mood and my colleague is saying that she's so excited for Christmas because she's meeting her girlfriends to celebrate Christmas. I don't have plans during Christmas this year and thats quite depressing. :| I only have a steamboat gift exchange dinner on xmas eve and its like not yet confirmed kind. And that is why, for the first time i don't look forward to December. Sigh. Okay, I need to stop emoing liao. Everytime talk about December like emo. Just 過一天算一天~~

Anyhow, the photoshoot peektures Part I is ready!!! Part II which is the 2nd outfit photos are not ready yet. Will upload again once I got it!


Heading for facial later after dinner at home. My face alot of dirts already. Need to be squeezed out! Gonna turn back into zai nv soon. Got Invincible Youth 2 to catch and the SNSD real life variety show. I wanna watch those! Plus i haven't completed my [我可能不會愛你] drama yet. And i've completed learning [The Boys] dance!!! ZOMG~ Can you believe it? Hahhaha. This coming Sunday will be the last lesson with all the positioning and thats it! We will surely film then upload it to youtube. Weee~ My first dance video production. LOLLLL~ I hope i can handle the heels well this Sunday! Super happy every Sunday cause i get to dance. Except for last Sunday because i got stomach flu. Most terrible sickness among all the flus, fever, etc. And i keep eating fruits nowadays to build up my immune system to not get sick easily. Haha. Thanks to my dearest boyfriend for sponsoring me go learn this dance also. Haha.

I seriously need to plan some serious goals for next year to hit on. I need to improve on myself~ Debbie, 加油加油! :)

Signing off,

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I want more of these~~~
Wealthy or Healthy?
Friday, December 2, 2011 ► 3:35 PM

Finally Friday is here. Didn't go over to accompany Alson for 4days already (including today). Haha. So I'm gonna leave my whole Saturday to him, exclude the driving lesson part. Haha. He said he could walk without putting strength on his crutch already. That's great! Hope next week the PT will say "Alright! You shall remove all crunches and walk with just your both legs." Hahaha. He would surely be happy like hell.

Just knew that someone around my age passed away afew days ago because of a car accident. He was my friend's friend. The accident news was on the papers. The lorry was super chui after accident. Poor young guy. Public transport even like cars can be dangerous also. Speeding, illegal turns. If you don't speed, such tragedy won't happen. If you don't do illegal turns, be patient wait for traffic light to turn green, such tragedy won't happen. It would be a minor accident if all these precautions was taken, not to the extent that a life is in a loss. Seriously, if you don't have the patience or you like to swerve in and out, no check blindspots, do stunts on the road, drink driving. Please, DON'T DRIVE. Don't hurt those innocent people out there. A harsh move on the road will kill somebody's life. Drivers please drive safety. For your loved ones, and for other ppl loved ones. My deepest condolences to the guy's family & friends.

Another news i saw on fb. One of my fb friend has leukemia and is going through the chomo therapy now. She's my age. I hope she can fight all the white cells and go back to normal life soon. So this question pops up in my mind. To be wealthy or healthy? If you only can choose one. If you choose healthy, you might be poor. You can't go travel as and when u like , getting branded stuffs, etc.. For me i would choose to be healthy no matter what. Take care of your health everyone. Our life is the most precious-est!

Its Friday! And I'm meeting my son Miaomiao to catch 'Breaking Dawn'!! Like finally~ Been reading tweets on the movie since last week. Making my heart itchy. Haha. Anw, me & miao are both happy that out dear 'cat-lover' has found someone who loves her so much. :) You gotta be xingfu okay Jessly! :D Exactly 10 more days for me to turn 22. I don't want to age!!!! Hahahaha. Oh ya! I finally bought Toffenut Latte last night! It was damn good. Hahhaa. It has 1-for-1 all the way till 12Dec! Get it NOW if you haven't bought any of the xmas drinks. Hees.

Ying & I~

Okay, that should be all for today's post. I'm still waiting for my wordpress to be up then i'll shift everything there. Enjoy the weekends people!!


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1 more month to 2012.
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 ► 5:06 PM

Wow~ Its the last day of November now and 1 more month of counting down to 2012! 歲月真的不留人. 我又快要大多一歲了. 沒什麼好盼望著我的生日因為我最完美的生日派對都已經辦過了. Feeling a little emotional because another year have passed. Have you achieved what you want or need to achieve within the year? For me i think i did? For driving only. Haha. Am on my way to getting a Class 3A! Yada yada~ I gave up learning manual.. LOL. Din wanna waste money and time so just straight go to Auto. My new instructor is super gangster. Haha. Talk got one pattern. Will scold me if I didn't listen to his advice. :X Change lane, U-Turn all learnt already! Left with slope on the road then practice few more times on the road after that will be circuit i guess? Go go fighting Debbie!!! :D

Wanted to have a short getaway on my birthday week but don't really have good promos to go. Batam is too dangerous for only girls to go and some other places is too ex. Seems like i have to get stucked in SG for the whole December except for the new year eve Malacca Trip with cousins. Christmas Eve is settled, having steamboat at AhJoy's place + gift exchange. Chritmas and boxing day still no activities yet. I guess the getaway with my peeps won't be happening already. Cause its like its gonna be December tomorrow and everything is not booked yet. Hmmmm, shall see how as days goes by. Wanna get something for boyfriend for Christmas but didn't know what to get. Maybe when i'm walking around in town i shall go take a look.

December is my favorite month.. But i have nothing to look forward to. :X Because i like to plan ahead, and i have no plans currently, therefore the result of 'nothing to look forward to'. Sigh~ How i wish i could go Taiwan with Apple.. But it clashes with my Malacca trip... Siannnn~~ :( Anyways, start planning your resolutions/NEED to achieve for 2012 soon! I think i have afew of them in mind already. Haha. Happy Birthday to all the Saggis in the world! Its our month! December is going to be great. :)


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Love you BB♥. Get well soon..


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